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Open Innovation

Open innovation is a term created by Henry Chesbrough, a Harvard Business School researcher. The idea is to promote a more collaborative and diverse form of innovation. In it, there is the involvement of various external parties to a company, such as customers, suppliers, research institutes, public agencies, startups, and other companies.

Advantages of Open Innovation

Reduction of time and costs;
Reduction of risks;
Increased return on investment (ROI);
Value for the brand;
Customer participation and satisfaction;
New markets and opportunities;
New business models and revenue streams

How we make it real

In open innovation, part of the process can be absorbed by external resources, increasing the efficiency of the innovation process, as in the case of partnerships with startups. In this case, the use of technological resources or innovative ideas is very common in the market, generating the purchase or incorporation of technologies created by third parties, speeding up and making the innovation process more efficient in large companies.

Our Association has been operating since 2005, with a large network of partners in Europe and Latin America, supporting the growth and innovation of entrepreneurship through various projects and activities:




Our 2022 Offer

We are launching a new business product that includes the development and implementation of innovation models divided into two areas:
Digital Transition and Climate Transition.

Our offer was built and adapted for different types of organizations. All these entities have different problems, which find solutions in our portfolio:


We develop the ability to create innovative solutions to your problems (MVP) so that they can be tested quickly and support their implementation with Lean Startup methodology. We provide training for internal corporate teams to develop and change mindsets.


We offer innovative solutions for systems that are looking to modernize. Monitoring and evaluating the entire development process, to support the implementation of solutions.


We provide potential new entrepreneurs with opportunities to find support in developing and investing in their business ideas, connecting them with our corporate clients whose needs may meet the ideas that these potential entrepreneurs want to develop.


We provide investors with access to scalable, sustainable business opportunities with lower aggregate risk. Investors have the opportunity to accompany and offer mentoring in their investments, ensuring their profitability in the medium and long term.



In the Digital Transition dimension, significant reforms and investments are planned in the areas of digitization of companies, the state and in the provision of digital skills in education, health, culture and forest management.

To ensure that Portugal accelerates the transition to a more digitized society, the national options are based on 5 components in the following areas: empowerment and digital inclusion of people through education, training in digital skills and promotion of digital literacy, digital transformation of the business sector and digitization of the State.

All over the world, organizations have implemented Corporate Acceleration services to respond to several different problems, but there is one factor they all have in common: the difficulty to keep up with the Digital Transformation.

That said, we present solutions to support your company in implementing Industry 4.0 technologies effectively.



The Climate Transition dimension results from Portugal’s commitment and contribution to the climate targets which will allow the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050.

The decarbonization of the economy and society offers important opportunities and prepares the country for realities that will shape the factors of competitiveness in the near future.

In the Climate Transition dimension 6 components were considered with intervention in strategic areas, such as the sea, sustainable mobility, decarbonization of industry, bio-economy, energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energy.

Due to the enormous challenges imposed by the government, society and market, The Venture Builder Network presents solutions to implement strategies that configure an effective response to the needs of your company.

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